Your Shopping Destination

The Historic Midtown Elizabeth Special Improvement District is a shopping destination.

Do you need pianos of all types? We’ve got that.

Do you need furniture, clothing, and other essentials? We’ve got that, too.

We are honored that some landmark businesses came to Elizabeth and just stayed. One of those is in the Altenburg Piano House on East Jersey Street, next to the Ritz Theater. Established in 1847, Altenburg has been a Midtown Elizabeth fixture since 1906. As their website puts it, they have a “passion for great pianos.”

That passion for quality and excellence in service is shared by other Midtown residents. That makes the district a special place to do business and a good place to shop.

First Republic

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To help residents, shoppers, visitors to the district, and business owners, we would like to list the retail businesses of the district along with live links to the business webpage at no charge.

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